Thursday, 14 May 2015

Happy Birthday Disha!!!

My Dear Disha,

Wish you a very happy birthday!!!

13th May 2002, at around 8:42 am in the morning in the Southern India’s town of Cochin (Ernakulam) you were born. You were gifted by God to us and since that day, every day of ours have been so joyus so happy and so ever growing. I strongly feel with you came our happiness and with you came a clear cut direction in our lives, and that’s why your name Disha is so apt!

We are so so thankful to you for giving us 4380 days of happiness…. You are world to us, we love you and we so much admire you. You have so many attributes that make you stand out of others and which I shall explain them later in my this note to you.

This is you 13th Birthday, the word “Thirteen” ends with the sound “teen” and so you enter your teenage. Many many congrats for entering the teenage. From here to the year 19 (Nineteen) you will be called as the teenager girl. These 6 years as per my experience are key years of your life and they are going to define and shape your future life, your life for next 30 / 40 years. Hence they are very very important and needs to be spent carefully.

Through this letter of mine I would like to speak to you about my learnings of life and what I think would be good, but then I will let you decide to choose and experiment. Because afterall its your life and you have a full right to live, experience and grow in your own unique way you like. You can always fall back to this note / letter in case you feel like to use it as a referral.
Life has to have certain Principles:

One of the key things to spend life happily and with full peace is to develop certain key principles and adhere to these principles for the amazing journey of life. According to me, following are my key principles of life:


Respect and Love

The first basic rule of life is to Respect and spread love. Respect all, the elders, the peers, the youngsters and the nature. They all have there own stories and struggles and hence need to respect them and never ever make fun of anybody or even try to disrespect or be rude to anybody and anybody here even includes animals our fellow beings on this earth.

Spread love, because love will make you bloom and with respect comes love. So Respect all and love all.

Openness & Transparency

The second key thing is to be Open and Transparent, let your eyes and your words speak what is in your mind and heart. That will give you eternal peace of mind and will make you a very powerful person. The success and failure of our life depends upon how many people’s trust and support you have garnered and how transparent you are.

One of the key aspect of being open and transparent is that you remain truthful and also you get to develop the ability to say NO when you really want to say no. Never say Yes to somebody or something when you really want to say No from inside, that will help you avoid lot of heart burn and lot of hassles going forward in life.


If you want to be ahead of others, than Courage is something you need to have in plenty, this attribute single handedly makes you walk extra mile than the ordinary and helps you achieve much much more than others. Courage will help you travel across the world, courage will help you experience the real fun of being alive and living a life.
Be courageous, be fearless. Remember in life “the one who fears dies many times, the courageous die only once”. The key thing in life is to be ready for new experiences and new provisions of change and that’s were courage helps you.

Knowledge and Training

Life is a continuous learning process, till the last day of our life we keep learning. Never shy away from Knowledge and Learning. It gives you new dimensions, new vision more deeper and more logical. Helps you to take right decision and is key to lead your life.

While knowledge is important, other key thing is having a positive attitude towards life, never say never attitude. Trust me its your attitude that will carry you along and help rise and shine. And Attitude without knowledge will not be helpful, you need to have knowledge and then develop a positive attitude.

Here I would like to give you a small example and which I have used it very many often in my life to reassure myself that how a combination of knowledge and attitude helps you grow in life; Vinod Kambli and Sachin Tendulkar both where of same age as teenagers who played brilliant cricket and both had huge talent and knowledge of Cricket, both got almost immediately recognized and selected in the Indian Cricket Team. However, Kambli even being knowledgeable (read Talented) failed, while Sachin went on and became the most successful batsman in the history of world cricket. And you know the difference between them was “Attitude” while Kambli relied merely on his talent and did not practice much and had a negative attitude, on the other hand Sachin had that positive attitude and kept on practicing and improving himself constantly. That’s how we need to also do in life. Keep ourselves constantly upgrading, changing as per the requirement of the time and keep ourselves in positive attitude frame of mind.


The dictionary meaning of the word Empathy: 'the ability to understand and share the feelings of another' and its certainly different from Sympathy, which means 'feelings of pity and sorrow for someone else's misfortune'.

For me a true human being needs to have this power of Empathy, you need to understand and correlate with the feelings and condition of the others. To understand where they are coming from and what they may have gone through before coming to you and then try to deal with them appropriately.

Sometimes some people appear to be too rude and angry while dealing with us, that makes us angry too, but if we can empathize with that person and try and understand why he is in such a state of mind then probably we will not be getting angry and thus we will at least not be harming ourselves. Rather with our empathy and positive attitude that person and also get a soothing calmness and may feel better in your company.


Lastly, Entrepreneurship, as per me we need to constantly add value in life for us, for others, for the organization we are attached to, for the family we belong to and for society as a whole. That’s were we leave a legacy, we leave something which stays beyond us.

You need to keep track of your time and energy investment in any activity you are doing or are a part of. If that act is not adding any value or creating any value then you need to cut down your investment of Time and Energy on that issue or act or you need to change the approach through which you look at that activity.

Just for the sake of example, if you are watching a film it should be something that is entertaining or adding value to yourself or making you happy and cheerful, if not its better to switch off that movie or change to the other one so that the time and energy spent on that movie could be utilized better.


This brings us to my favorite subject and topic “Life”. In order to enjoy and live life to the fullest you need to take life as teacher, friend, a guide and a bundle of experiences.

A typical average life term is around 70 years (I am so so sure that you will live more more than 70 years )  out of which you have already crossed 12 years on earth. So say the number of year left are 58. That equals to roughly 700 months or 2800 weekends. That’s what is left for you. To live your life enjoy flourish and then fade away in the tide of time. So much to do and so little a time, isn’t it? Hence, Value Creation is the key, you need to utilize your limited time on this earth to the best possible manner to add maximum value and enjoy to the fullest and experiment and experience.

For this I would suggest, age old formula of creating a bucket list and keep crossing that list of activities or experiences you need to have and continuously updating the list as we grow:

Like a typical bucket list of mine when I was a teenager like you:

  • ·      To learn bycyle and ride it for 20 kilometers alone
  • ·      To fly kites every day
  • ·      To learn Maths and become more serious in studies
  • ·      To play good cricket for my team and win trophies
  • ·      To improve my handwriting
  • ·      Paint new pictures
  • ·      Go to Jodhpur in summer holidays
  • ·      Watch Amitabh Bachhan films

Then when I grew up and crossed 19 my bucket list was updated and now it had some of the below things:

  • ·      To own a motorbike and drive fast
  • ·      To get a professional degree, either MBA or CA
  • ·      To start earning money
  • ·      To be independent and do some business activities
  • ·      Make friends
  • ·      Start travelling alone to new places
  • ·      Learn Photography and own a camera

After 25 my bucket list would be looking like this:

·      To get married as soon as possible and have a family
·      To get out of India and earn money
·      To need to grow in organization and become CEO of a company by 32
·      To work hard and become the best in the organization
·      To settle my mummy papa and brothers and sisters
·      Travel
·      Own a car

So you see, it helps to bring in clarity in life by developing your bucket list, crossing those which you could achieve and adding the new ones and constantly monitoring the list. With the passage of time and your experience this list will keep on changing and that’s where it becomes so interesting.

Life is a god gift to us. We have a responsibility towards our creator, to live the life to the fullest and try and do our best to ensure that any body around us also live there life fullest. That’s our responsibility of being a social being. So never ever waste your life in regrets or sadness, be smiling and be brave to pass through the phases of life as its our responsibility to live life to the fullest.

Some of the important things which as per me are key for a happy and contended life:

Professional Qualification

Having a Professional qualification is must / key for having a fulfilling and wonderful life. The question is not whether you remain in that professional field or not, but the question is that you are having a professional degree. That will give you lot of confidence in life.

Be it a trained Pilot, a Photographer, a Doctor or an MBA or a CA or an Engineer or a Professior or an Architect or a Fashion Designer or a Film Maker, whatever field you want to choose for your self, the first thing is to be sure to get professionally qualified in that field of interest. That’s the key decision you need to take in your teens, and both me and mummy are available for any discussion, any time for this with you. But it should be your choice, choose wisely and this has to be done in next three four years.

I am sure you will be choosing something exciting in life.

I can give the credit for my success in life to that one single thought which came at the very right time in my life (most likely when I was 16 /17 years) that I need to have a professional degree under my belt. Be it an MBA or CA, but I need one of this degree even before I start my own business. That perhaps helped me to grow from almost nothing in 1997 when is started my career as management trainee to what I am today in 2015.

So for me that is one single critical decision you need to take in your teens and need to follow that to the best of your ability and will change your life for ever. Will give you the confidence to grow big in life and live a life full of happiness and satisfaction.

Having a set of Hobbies

Next important thing is to cultivate a set of hobbies in life, be it writing, reading, travelling, writing blog, cooking, desiging, painting, music, photography, Dancing, Social Work or any thing that makes you happy and gives you peace. Cultivate them, keep them as a part of your regular day to day activity that will help you balance your life.

Hobbies help you give a new perspective in life, they give you peace of mind during tough times and rough weather. They can also help you earn money if you become proficient in your hobbies. It helps you prepare yourself for your life after 50s. So take your hobbies seriously and develop them.

I have seen you, you have a leaning towards, drawing, painting, dancing, photography, reading and that’s good, keep doing them go deeper and go better. That will make u a good individual.

Having a deep Connect with Music

Music for me is my life, I cannot live without my music, it helps me ignite my passion, it helps me calm down, it makes me happy and it changes my mood when ever I am sad. It also helps me feel my pain in a much better way. Infact its one of the best form of expression we have around us. Be close to music, all forms of music, when you grow beyond 20s I would love to listen Gazals with you, I am sure you will love them too.

Make music your first Hum-Safar, listen to music almost every day sing aloud with it break free all your inhibitions it will make you fearless, calm and composed. You will find almost all your answers in music.

And that’s one of the reason, mummy has ensured that you learn one music instrument. You know one of the biggest regret in my life is that I don’t know to play one single music instrument. You feel so incomplete. You complete your life in real form if and only if you can play at least one music instrument and play it more often. I now plan to learn Guitar (though I made couple of failed attempts) once I retire from my active job which I am doing right now.

So keep playing your piano/ keyboard and keep learning, you will feel so happy and proud about it once you are grown up.


Meditation is something which came in my life very late, just few years back, but I think as a teenager if you can learn the art of meditating it will help you to become more calm and composed. You wont feel the pressure and you will be more confident. In a year or two you should learn the art of mediating, mediation of 10 to 15 minutes a day helps you enormously and you yourself will feel the difference once you start experiencing it. There are various simple techniques which we can use and once you are ready we can do it few times together to help you understand the feeling that we go through while mediating.

Active in Sports

Another aspect of completeness in life is to have active participation in sports activity. Here again we are so proud and happy to see you playing Badminton and Swimming religiously. You make us so so proud you don’t know how much happy as a father I am when I see you working so hard around and finding time to play and swim.

Being active in sports teaches us one key thing, Sportsman Spirit. Which is very important in our life. The sportsman spirit is a mix of the following:

  • ·      The spirit of participation
  • ·      The spirit of Hardworking
  • ·      The spirit of remaining fit and healthy
  • ·      The spirit of Competition
  • ·      The spirit of playing within the rules of the game
  • ·      The spirit of winning
  • ·      The spirit of accepting defeat and preparing for the next
  • ·      The spirit of Congratulating the winner
  • ·      The spirit of remaining humble even after your win

What I have learned is that all the above are key for a successful and happy life. And it’s the sportsman spirit that teaches us all the above attributes and hence the importance of sports in our life. Besides, of course it helps us to remain fit and healthy.

Keep it up. Keep going.. You are the best for us.

Language Command

Language is very important in the Globalized Environment we live in. Unlike earlier, today we are born in some other country, grow up as child in some other country, study and do our schooling in another continent all together and may end up doing our degree in different country all together, while we may start our career in some other country. The key thing which will help us sail through smoothly is the command on Language.

One of the important learning of my life till date is that you need to have command on the following langauges on priority (and when I say command, I mean you should be able to read, write and express in these languages proficiently):

·      Hindi
·      English
·      French
·      Arabic
And if you can (and I would suggest you should) also add in Spanish in the least, then it would be an awesome deadly combination for you!!

World will be yours! I bet! You will not have any difficulty in life, you would be able to read, write, express and learn many many times more than what I could do! This is the second important thing in my teenage life that I want to (if given a chance to revisit) change. As a teenager we never got an opportunity to learn other languages as we came from a very small town in India.

God has given you the best opportunity to learn all the above languages. I know you have learned Hindi and English you will, but I loved your idea of opting to learn French and I am sure that would be one of your wisest decisions in life.

One of the biggest take away in your life for staying in middle-east is your capability to read, write and understand Arabic. That will make you very very sought for in future, mark my words and please keep brushing your Arabic, work a little harder on Arabic, you will be very happy on this ten years down the line.

Dreaming with Eyes Wide Open

Keep dreaming and visualizing your self as to what you want to become. They say if you keep dreaming about it and sincerely work for it you will become what you want to become. So keep dreaming with your eyes wide open. For example if you want to become a pilot, you need to keep visualizing yourself as a pilot and try and read as many things and experiences of the pilots. This will help you go for it. This will help you prepare yourself for it.
As per me the poorest people in this world aren’t the ones without money… but those who have no dreams, those who have no hope. Always nurture dreams in your heart and mind and also keep hope by your side. You will realize you are the wealthiest and you will be the happiest!

Always remember in life, The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams! So first is to dream and then second it by believing in the beauty of the dreams. That’s key.

Social Interaction

Don’t be shy in life, have the guts and courage to interact with the world wherein you live and also the outside world where you desire to be in. Interaction is key, it helps us to learn and also share our experiences (again value addition is key in your interaction too).

Initially in my life I was a very shy guy and also faced with this problem of Inferiority complex, hence was also within myself and interacted very little socially. Was only open to my school friends and only interacted and shared my thoughts with them. That I think was not good and given a chance this is one thing I would like to correct in my life. Hence writing you here that you don’t commit the same mistake. Be confident and be sure to interact socially and learn from your interaction.

Here I remember couple of lines from Jagjit Singh’s gazal which actually taught me that we need to interact socially (besides your mummy):

“Milna julna jahan jarorri ho… Milne julne ka haunsala rakhna.. Samne apne Aaina rakhna…”

Time for a Journal, that secret Journal of yours

Disha its time for your journal, start writing your thoughts, your experiences, your learnings either in your diary or you can also have it online, there are many online journals which you can maintain on daily or weekly basis and it is operated with a user id and password.

The role of secret journal is unfathomable for once personality development and maintaining account of ones life. So go for it. It will also help you in future when you would decide to write a memoire of your life in form of a book. One other thing which reminds me here is that, make your life such an interesting journey that every wants to know and read about you more and more and that’s where the Journal of yours will help you to describe and explain you the most and the best.

Inferiority and Superiority Complex

Today, I will take this opportunity to talk on these two issues. When I was growing up in my teens, I was suffering from Inferiority complex for two three basic reasons, one being that I had a dark complexion (kala rang), second that I knew we were getting poor and poorer day by day so that fear of being exposed that we don’t have money and third I had some imaginary medical issue which I was shy to discuss with my parents and hence was having this inferiority complex, and please note the word “Imaginary” because that is key, sometimes we end up having imaginary issues within our mind and thoughts and shy-away from discussing it with our parents or friends and create a much bigger real problem. Which inturn affects us badly and same happened with me too.

So I was hard hit by this “Inferiority Complex” which pulled me down and made me loose so many occasions and opportunities of learnings and experiences that I regret this the most in my early childhood. So my take on this to you is, Be Bindas! Be Open and never go into your shell.

The truth of the life is each one of us is beautiful, because beauty is nothing to do with skin colour it is more to do with your health and body upkeep (as far as appearance is concerned) and then beauty is more to do with your inner self, how beautiful you are from inside, your character is that what counts. So never fall in the trap of just external appearance as the only parameter of beauty and thus get into that inferiority complex. Keep in mind the following:

  • ·      Appearance is deceptive and has nothing to do with beauty
  • ·      Beauty actually means to keep yourself fit and healthy
  • ·      Beauty actually means to keep your self happy and beautiful from within (inner beauty)
  • ·      Body, mind and soul needs to be beautiful and not the appearance of our body
  • ·      As you grow up you will realize the importance of Health in all this beauty calculations and hence be healthy physically and mentally! That’s the real meaning of Being Beautiful.
  • ·      Never compare your appearance with a photogenic, fully done with make-up models (they are artificially photo-shopped and they created to look beautiful to deceive us) the real aspect of beauty is inner self of being beautiful.

Inferiority complex brings us to the opposite “Superiority Complex”, which is more evil. It actually grows into more dangerous “Ego”. Never ever have a feeling that you are superior to anybody, forget human beings even while equating yourself with animals, this thought of being superior should not come to your mind. Each one of us are equal in our qualities as humans and capabilities as humans, some like you are blessed more and have more opportunities, as compared to others, that’s it. But not superior, tomorrow the one whom you think inferior to you will with his hard work, planning and dreams will become better than you. So, never ever think yourself in any circumstances that you are superior to anybody.

I had few of my friends and acquaintances in my early stages of life who used to think themselves far far more superior to me and used to give me that look and treatment. But now they are no where near me in all the parameters that they used to think they were superior! They must be regretting now or feeling bad about it (its their problem) but what we take away from this experience is that we all are equal and we all have equal opportunities to rise and shine! We need to thank God for the opportunity what he sends across to us to change our lives.

So never have the Inferiority complex in mind nor do have any feelings of Superiority Complex!.

Time and Tide

I am a firm believer of the fact that Time is the critical factor in our life. Time as in two ways, and I would explain both to you here.

First: Time and Tide waits for none; you would have read this or will keep reading this phrase. But lets understand the meaning of the phrase and its key principle of our life. The fact it that we need to be prepared ahead of the right time! The time when the opportunity knocks the door, we should be prepared and ready, if are not ready the opportunity will be missed and then you may have to wait or prepare for the next best.

For example, if you plan to do undergraduate program from one of the elite universities in United States, then by the time you finish your 12th Grade, you need to also prepare yourself to score stunner in SAT exams and also have excellent capability to write essays, expressing yourself and your thoughts, and for that you need to start your preparations way ahead of 12th Standard, perhaps when you pass out 10th. If not you may miss that timing and hence miss the opportunity to do graduation from one of the best universities of US! And that opportunity once gone never comes back in life! You may have second opportunity to do your Masters from US once you graduate. Hope you understand the point what I want to drive home.

Second: U can only get what you are destined to get and at the right Time; Later part of my life I realized this truth, which I used to listen a lot from my father, your dadaji, that its TIME that speaks and not us, and its TIME that makes or breaks a person and that we are nothing without our TIME.

Disha, in life we will have our good times and also bad times, good times do not last and so do bad times, they too do not last. The key learning here is that people and society will treat you based on the TIME and the PHASE of your life you are passing through. If your TIME is right and as they say if its your time you will receive lots of attention, friends request, likes and phone calls and pampering and even respect. But the same people, society will disappear from your sight when you are passing through bad patch or rough patch in your life. Only few near, dear and real ones will remain with you during those times, identify those very early in life and be close to them and respect them.
So the key take away from this above paragraph is the following:

  • ·      That we all have good and bad times in life
  • ·      That in life, never ever allow pride and ego to control your mind during good times, as it will make you feel worse and low all the more when you pass through rough time in life.
  • ·      That you need to know and identify the true near, dear and real ones in life who will remain with you during your bad times
  • ·      That use your good times to prepare your-self for the bad times
  • ·      Remain true, humble and grounded in your good times, that way your bad time would never come to you!


You got to experience love in life, Love which is real, true love and it starts with the point “Love yourself first and then only you can love others”.

Just like food is to body, I understand love is nourishment of the soul, without love soul is more like dead, lifeless. The moment you start loving yourself, you will realize the strength and potential of inner “you”, that you will realize how you can change lives and share love, generate love.

Like I realized much later in my life that my nourished soul (in love) became source of generating happiness and love all across, unconditionally.

Love for me is synonymous to sharing, unlike Greed, which only wants and never gives, Love knows only giving, sharing and never asks for anything in return, in fact to be precise it is unconditional sharing.

With the advent of love in your life you will initially become rebellious and revolutionary, will try to do many firsts in your life, you will become fearless and strong. But then real Love will actually make you humble, once you will experience the true love, you will discover that there is no room for ego, your pride will melt, and you will become more and more humble day by day.

Love will give you wings to soar high. It will help you to grow spiritually and mentally, achieve more confidence and will enable you to do certain things that you would have never imagine you would ever do it. That’s what love does. We need to experience the true love.

In my life, initially I was trying to love others, without loving myself, the biggest fallacy of our upbringing, where we are taught to love others, show kindness to others, help others, be truthful to others, while ignoring ourselves, we are not taught to love ourselves first. What I realized is you cannot help others without helping yourself first. Similarly you cannot love others or even understand the true meaning of love without loving yourself.

Love has made me carefree, love has made me to experiment, love has made me disciplined.

The beauty of love is that when you really and truly love someone you never feel you have done enough you tends to feel loads of other possibilities, that’s what I have experienced.

One important thing, with love, you cannot set rules and responsibilities in love, it is spontaneous and flows automatically I have experienced that.

What I have understood is don’t condemn yourself, don’t demean yourself. I had been condemned so much in life, demeaned so many times in life because of my circumstances, because of colour, size, shape, attributes and my class that I could never ever thank God for creating me, I would always curse God, for creating me the way I was. Then now with the  realization of love and understanding of life, I now have recognized how beautiful, perfect, confident, lucky and exceptional “Manish” God has created.

In fact when I look around I can’t find as lucky a person as me. Same is the case when I see you, I feel, how beautiful, perfect, confident, lucky and exceptional “Disha” God has created and I am sure you will also realize this sooner or later in life, experience it yourself and then accept it no hurries for that.

True love for me, as I have understood, connects directly from soul to soul, you cant put conditions on love, you cant enforce, it moves on its on, it finds its way on its own, it lays its own course you cant lay down a standard operating procedure for love. The moment you start laying rules, conditions and procedures in love it turns into greed, selfishness. Love loses its essence and then the sequence of compromises start.  My learning for love (and its always eternal) is never ever try to put rules, conditions and expectations on love, let it flow on it natural course, trust me it will surprise you.

Love sparks creativity, the day you realize true love, your creative spark ignites, you would be writing spontaneously, you would see your true creative aspect.

In true love you tend to do more and more and more, endlessly without even comparing what you are getting in exchange, you don’t worry about the balancing act.

But I know I am still far from being perfect human being, I know I still need to love myself totally and fully and I still need to spread more love. 

Some of my learning in life……

We have to earn respect in life, it cannot be bought or forced upon, Honesty is the best policy which helps us to carry on for longer period in life!

Be loyal and be trust worthy! Never short-change anybody’s trust and loyalty! Life is much deeper and much more than few hiccups and challenges here and there so there is no point in cheating anybody or breaking anybody’s trust!

Life is a journey, enjoy it! Be amazing, be good, be pretty, be strong, be smart, be cool and calm but above all be yourself!! That’s important never to fake yourself or try to fake perfection! Accept your short-comings and enjoy the imperfection rather than hiding under the fake cover of perfection. No body is perfect and no body has a perfect life circle. So don’t worry.

They told me I couldn’t and they told me I wouldn’t ever, and then some told me I shouldn’t ever and that’s why I did! And that’s why you will do ! I am today because of my courage and willingness to go extra mile and that’s exactly what you have to do…

Never speculate, never! Neither with Money nor with life and never ever with Circumstances!

Don’t invest your money in Share Markets. Invest in real estates, Fixed Deposits, Fixed Rate yielding Bonds and keep cash in hand!

Life is all about evolving, creating yourself! There is nothing called finding your-self in life! You evolve, your create yourself!

Let Go! Two important words which I will explain in detail later (may be after three four years, I am sure though by then you yourself would have realized the meaning) but these words are key in life!! Let go which is not yours, just let it go! There is no point in carrying past baggages. Ride light in life.

Never be fully satisfied with what you achieve, constantly keep growing, keep dreaming, keep giving back to the society, always remember you have the capabilities of achieving much more than what you have done, look around you will find many examples of human lives that have done and achieved much more than you and me.

Life is not a perfect circle, it will never be that perfect shape you always wanted to be. Many things in life with not go according to the plan, always have a back up plan, if plan A fails, opt for Plan B and if not then Plan C, never stop trying. If you fall (you never fail, you may fall but you never fail in life) get back up! If you stumble, re-gain yourself and your balance. In short, Never Give-Up!!!! That is failure, the moment you give up.. u fail!!! Don’t fail in life, you may fall but don’t fail.

Give back to Society! Its society and its forces contribute to make you as a person. A lot goes as investment into you, once you are satisfied with your needs and pleasures, look around and give back to your society, where you were born, where you grew up and where you lived. Never die rich. Spend all here on this earth before you go!

Live Life and Leave Legacy (LL and LL) that should be the mantra of our life, live life to the fullest and leave legacy behind. So that when you are dead and gone… people / society remember you and miss you.

Earn just not wealth, but earn Value, which according to me comprises of the following key things: Wealth, Smiles, Happiness, Peace, Friends, Fame and Reputation.

Earn Value = Earn (Wealth+Smiles+Happiness+Peace+Friends+Fame+Reputation)

With this I will like to end my letter to you. I would like to end it with one of my poems which I wrote to motivate myself and to keep my self grounded and real, here it is for you and with lots of love, hugs and wishes! All the best my lovely Disha!!!

No matter what…

No matter what…
Keep smiling in life
No matter what…
Keep trying in life

No matter what…
Do cry sometimes, along with smiles
No matter what…
Along with your rests, do walk few miles

No matter what….
Help some one, while you help yourself
No matter what…
Love some one, while you love yourself

No matter what…
Feel your pains, while you celebrate the gains
No matter what…
Trust the sun, while you enjoy the rains

No matter what…
Keep your dreams alive, while you review your failures
No matter what..
Thank God, in your prayers

No matter what…
Be close to your heart, though you walk thousands of miles
No matter what…
Keep space for some pause, amidst your tries

No matter what…
Trust yourself, while you heed with others
No matter what…
Love your life, live your life,
As it is Only one life to live……….

Happy Birthday Disha!!! Once again!